For as long as she can remember, Hilde Verhoef has been connected to her "spirit guides". A group of guides that is driven by a male main guide who directs the readings and a female guide who falls around her when she channels. The channel is connected with a huge group of beings, guides, non-earthly frequencies, ancient sages, spirit helpers, power animals and light beings (angels). There are a number of regular guides and a lot of loose ones that come and go depending on the reading, healing or the ritual that is given.


From childhood, Hilde was "different". Her clear powers have been used since her adolescence. Clairvoyant, hearing, feeling, knowing - the whole range was developed. Around the age of 18 she started giving reading sessions and never stopped. About 20 years ago, Hilde fully surrendered to her spirit guides and lives her life in full consultation with her guides. That sounds very docile, but of course she has a free choice in this. It has resulted in special encounters, wonderful experiences, wise lessons from wise teachers and a huge piece of awareness.


Hilde walks the path of awake consciousness. Awareness, BEING conscious. Emptiness, death and surrender versus fulfilment, life and gratitude. She can help you further with insight into self-expression, manifestation and helps you focus to connect with your light being. That is her passion. To empower people with their true self. Breaking patterns, shedding light on beliefs, reaching out for a hand to come out of a cycle of gravity, but above all inspiring clients in the path they are walking.


She does this by giving personal readings, healing with the shaman mirrors, the emotioncoaching technique of Vera Helleman and powerful group rituals to increase the frequency of the soul. She also gives group healings and gives private sessions to high sensitive people. Hilde has a lot of experience with trauma counselling (dissociation). She guides many therapists, light workers and fellow readers / healers. Hilde has a large network and easily forwards her clients to other therapists, doctors or healers.