**Business Reading at Heelde**




At Heelde, we offer in-depth and intuitive business readings designed to explore and optimize the energetic and spiritual aspects of your organization. Our sessions aim to promote a harmonious work environment, improve team dynamics, and support the strategic growth of your business.




**What is a Business Reading?**




A business reading is a consultation where we tune into the unique energies and processes within your organization. This allows us to gain deeper insights into various business aspects, such as the work environment, team interactions, strategic directions, and future opportunities. Through a business reading, we can identify hidden tensions and blockages and provide advice for improvement and growth.




**Elements of a Business Reading at Heelde:**




1. **Energetic Scan**: We analyze the energies within your business to identify and resolve any blockages or tensions.




2. **Team Dynamics**: We offer insights into the interactions between your employees, help resolve conflicts, and foster positive and productive collaboration.




3. **Business Strategy**: Our intuitive evaluations help you review your current strategies and discover new growth opportunities.




4. **Work Environment**: We assess both the physical and emotional work environment to enhance productivity and employee well-being.




5. **Future Prospects**: We provide predictive insights and intuitive advice on future developments and challenges your business may face.




6. **Spiritual and Personal Development**: We advise how you and your employees can promote spiritual and personal growth, leading to a balanced and successful work environment.




**Collaboration with the Spirit (Soul) of Your Business:**




Every business has its own spiritual essence or soul, a unique energetic presence that nurtures and guides the company. During a business reading, we tune into this spirit to gain profound insights and foster an authentic connection with your business. By collaborating with the spirit of your business, you can:




- Achieve deeper alignment with your business’s mission and vision.


- Receive creative solutions and inspiration for challenges and growth.


- Harness your business’s unique energy to create a harmonious and productive work environment.


- Make strategic decisions that align with your business’s spiritual essence.




**For Starters and New Entrepreneurs:**




As a starter, it’s crucial to lay the right foundations for your new business. A business reading can help you clarify your vision, determine the best strategies, and identify potential obstacles on your path. We guide you in creating a strong energetic foundation for your enterprise.




**For Freelancers:**




As a freelancer, you often have many roles to fulfill. Our business readings help you balance your work and personal life, gain insights into your personal and business goals, and develop strategies to grow your business in a spiritually responsible way.




**For Therapists:**




For therapists, it is essential to maintain pure and healing energy in their practice. A business reading can help you cleanse the energy of your practice space, gain insights into your client relationships, and discover new methods to deepen your healing work.




**For Sole Proprietors:**




Sole proprietors often face unique challenges, from time management to strategic planning. Our business readings provide practical and spiritual insights to tackle these challenges. We help you create a balanced and successful business operation, allowing you to grow and flourish with confidence.




**Why Choose Heelde?**




At Heelde, we combine business expertise with deep spiritual insights to support your business in reaching its full potential. Our holistic approach ensures a balance between practical and spiritual solutions, enabling you to create a deeper understanding and better balance within your organization.




**Session Details:**




A business reading lasts 90 minutes. The session can take place online, live in The Hague, or at your workplace. Please note that travel costs and travel time will be added for live sessions at your workplace. Please email me at hilde@heelde.org




Contact us today to schedule a business reading and discover how Heelde can help your business thrive both commercially and spiritually.