Hilde asks and clarifies, with gentleness and humor. She gives new insights, sometimes also tells what you actually already know but is nice to hear from someone else.
She gives tips and advice, refers by (never required of course) to knowledgeable colleagues, who have helped me a step further. H.

I was with Hilde for a reading and felt deep recognition for who I really am. It felt so great, I was deeply touched by that. The stumbling blocks also came to the fore clearly, as well as the tools that I have to handle this (differently)! Highly recommended if you want more insight into certain situations or want to investigate which steps are the greatest contribution to yourself! Leonie

"I would highly recommend Hilde to all those who want a direct path to their heart. I went to have a reading with her at a tough crossroad in my life, where I had a vague sense of what to do, but not knowing if it's the right thing for me to do at this time, nor how to do it. Hilde gave me a much needed clarity, reinforcing what I might have "vaguely" known, removing what was causing unnecessary confusion, and most importantly, shedding light on all what I was afraid or unable to see for myself.
She is the ally who has your back in the journey of self-exploration, a highly sensitive and genuinely clean seer, but also a very grounded and wise counselor, who knows well how to bring you closer to your truth gracefully and gently, but also with a "no-nonsense" approach. Her reading is powerful, sensitive, well rounded and grounded. A gift that helps you direct your energy to the right choice for you, without wasting any more time on hesitation or confusion.
With Hilde, I felt secure to open up to the new paths she was showing to me. She just has this gift of simply putting things in order without losing perspective of the higher vision. I'm grateful for all the eye-opening insights she had provided me with, all the new doors she had opened to connect me deeper into myself. I can now move more calmly and clearly in my choices as she really helped me in removing a lot of obstacles along the way. Thank you Hilde for answering the questions that I didn't even know how to ask!".Yousra

"Hilde confirmed everything I felt, but could not put into words and did not want to face. As soon as she had said what I actually already knew, the blinkers dropped off on me. This was really the last push in the back, where I had been waiting for so long! " Anonymous

Hilde is really a recommendation, she exudes sober spontaneous relaxed atmosphere, 100% focused to get clear answers and handles on your questions that you encounter NOW on your path. With which you can come home. Casper

"I am so glad that I listened to my feelings and visited Hilde. The reading gave me a lot of clarity about my medical status. Very grateful that she could watch me and I finally felt seriously understood. Where regular medicine she could not help me further, she referred me to people who could help me further.Hilde is a down to earth, nice person who is very clear, everything she gives back matched my feelings. Recommend to make an appointment once in a while and to go over your 'life status' with her, see it as a kind of maintenance. I have already recommended Hilde to several friends who are also very happy with her! " Anonymous.

I would like to warmly recommend Hilde Verhoef! Hilde is a powerful healer and seer. She has an open, cheerful and down-to-earth approach. It offers sharp insights and practical advice. She carefully goes into depth with you and has the ability to get to the core. She is real and objective, but above all warm, personal and involved. Marieke

Hilde quickly saw that something strange was going on outside of me, that brought me out of balance. It was a relief to me that she could see this and could well imagine what it all brought about in my life. That alone was a relief for me and I experienced it as very valuable! Unfortunately, there are few people in the Netherlands who really have experience in removing these kinds of things. But every month a shaman / healer from South America or other countries come to visit the Netherlands. My hope was based on this kind of healers. Hilde was willing to take a look to see if one of them would really be able to help me. I had to cross out all the names on my list, except for one. Super sympathetic from Hilde to think along with me about possible solutions and to protect me from making even more unnecessary expenses and trips throughout the Netherlands. In addition, I greatly appreciate that she did not go to work herself, under the guise: "With my experience can I help this woman get started?" Several healers / shamans I visited for her had done that, but without result. Anonymous