Do you dare to look deep inside?

look into the mirror?

Going flawlessly to your core, feeling your emotions and gaining insight into your beliefs?

Want to hear where you stand now?

Do you want insight into your work?

Are you a hsp and do you have difficulty with the energy of other people?

Do you want to know how you set up your own company and would you like to get in touch with the spirit of your company?

Are you a spiritual therapist yourself and do you have questions?

Do you want to know how to deal with certain colleagues?

Are you stuck in your relationship or are you looking for a relationship?

Don't you understand things from your past and do you want clarity?

Are you looking for enlightment?

Would you like to relax more?

Or do you have no idea why you want a conversation with Hilde but do you feel that she is the right person to talk to at the moment?

Are you in repetition, do you run into emotional blockades?

Do you want to break through your process and would you like clarity in your life?

Do you feel that you are wearing everything from your family on your neck or from your friends?

Do you simply want your energy back and have you struggled long enough?

Would you like to relocate?

Or are you unsure about the next step in your life?

Then book a session with Hilde.

The basis of Heelde is giving readings. With everything Hilde does, she will coordinate her energy from this basis with her guides. Hilde goes into a deep trance during the reading. She makes contact with her guides, mother earth, great spirit, groups of helpers of light and dark, protectors and a large group of sages. She cleans the space, increases the energy frequency, asks for deep cleansing, protection and shows her gratitude to all beings who want to help her on the journey called reading.


Hilde has been working as a reader and healer for 30 years. Her guides tell her what the intention is and provide information via image, sound, feeling and vibration. After you sit down she asks for your whole name and if all goes well she starts to get a film of information that she translate for you. Because you say your name, you click in your body. You are more present, out of your mind. Right now, Hilde connects deeply with your soul and her senses merge with your presence. She feels what you feel. And that which is blocked comes up. Distance is no issue for her. Hilde will make you aware of what's going on in a friendly, humorous and earthy way. She will mirror you and provide guidance to help you move forward and help you overcome your obstacles.


During the reading, she merges with your energetic body. She feels where your blockages are and will do everything in her power to find the way through. She cleanses energy, asks for help from the guides that are important to you at that moment and will ensure the right healing at the right place through the laying on of hands, singing or through her drum, shaman mirrors or rattle. She works in silence with one person, and with the other she explains what she is doing. Sturdy healings can start, don't be alarmed. Your body can shake, get cold or hot, shake violently, or you can burp or spontaneously fart. Let it happen. Hilde will make you aware of what's going on in a friendly, humorous and earthy way. She will mirror you and provide guidance to help you move forward and help you overcome your obstacles.


Hilde also works with the deceased, curses and entities, gives cleansing and adds what is needed. But above all, she tells you what unconsciously floats just below the surface. If there is darkness, then a follow-up appointment is often desirable.


As an emotion coach, she can go beyond traditional and rational processes. This means that the development can also take longer. A reading can last for months, sometimes years. That is why the conversation is recorded. A reading is not emotion coaching. Hilde does work with the 8 emotion groups that Vera Helleman has captured so beautifully.

It is possible to have a reading together with your partner; a relationship reading. Together into the depth and look into each other's unseen parts. Vulnerable and deepening.

Hilde coaches managers and entrepreneurs through a business reading. How well is your company doing? What is needed personally to grow? Hilde advises various companies on a monthly basis, talks to employees and gives feedback if desired. Are you self-employed and do you have questions about your entrepreneurship? Or are you an employee and wondering what your next step will be? Book, a work or company reading.


Because of her clairvoyance, Hilde sees the chakra system, the meridians but also the kundalini flowing. Are you following a tantric path and do you want to know where you get stuck? Book a kundalini reading.


So if you want to get more out of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual discomfort and are you really willing to sink into your body and work on your awareness then Hilde can certainly help you with that. She is an intuitive coach with a background in psychology. For her, it is really about breaking through blockages, understanding your emotional world and providing tools, both mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She has learned her healing and reading techniques from various teachers and has made it her own authentic way. Hilde is more the 'down-to-earth' type than tinkerbel. She does not avoid confrontation, and there is almost no question too crazy. Hilde works in The Hague, near the Peace Palace. She also gives readings over Zoom.