EmotionCoaching is a form of coaching in which the steering in the conversation comes from your emotions. Hilde hereby acts as a translator of what your inner world says you need. Hereby she gives you a push in the direction that your natural development has taken. So you decide when you need a little push, your emotions determine what you need and Hilde brings it to your consciousness for a more effective process.

EmotionCoaching is a coaching method where in a very short time you get to the core of the problem and your process gets started towards what your inner knowing indicates you need. This means that you are always helped towards your true self in a way that suits you and at the moment that is right in your development. You indicate on this basis when you need a conversation to be able to continue and to be put on the right track.

In a consultation, we look at an emotional bottleneck and many insights immediately start to set in motion a process. If more is needed in addition to insight, Hilde is equipped with interventions suitable for that emotion group. A conversation is therefore always tailor-made.

For whom and when? An emotioncoaching consultation is great at times when you get caught up in your emotions. Emotions let us know that there is imbalance and also tells how it can be solved. Hilde translates that information and helps you take certain steps that brings you back into alignment with yourself and the path you have to walk. The goal of EmotieCoaching is to make you self-reliant as soon as possible and to be responsible for your own path and happiness, with a renewed contact with your feeling as a navigation system.


Developed by whom? Vera Helleman is one of the most popular spiritual teachers in the Netherlands. And also one of the most unique. Vera knows how to clarify complex matter and situations in no time. She wrote the inspiring and confronting book "Being Effortlessly Yourself" about how you can relax into who you really are and live your full potential. Vera gives lectures and training throughout the Netherlands and Belgium and has her own YouTube channel "Vera Verheldert." She also wrote "The Emotion Encyclopedia" in which Vera looks at 350 emotions on what they mean and how we can use them constructively. Because, as Vera herself says, "Emotions give us feedback on how we deal with what is happening inside out."