What is a Deep Trance Session?

In the realm of mental exploration, deep trance is an enchanting state that unlocks new dimensions within the mind. It is a state of deep relaxation and heightened awareness, where conscious thinking recedes into the background, and the subconscious takes centre stage. This state can help you delve deeper into yourself, gain new insights, and stimulate creativity. So, if you're curious about the magic of deep trance, allow yourself to be carried away by the flow of inner discovery. 😊


1. Deep Trance:
During a deep trance session, you are guided into a state of profound relaxation, akin to the theta level (near-sleep). In this state, you can access the subconscious, where deeper layers of wisdom and healing reside.

2. Regression:
An essential part of the deep trance session is travelling to past lives. You embark on a journey through time and space, where memories of previous incarnations may surface. These insights can illuminate current challenges, relationships, and your life path.

3. Subconscious Communication:
In this elevated state, we can directly communicate with your universal field of consciousness. This subconscious is considered a source of universal wisdom and healing energy. It can provide answers to profound life questions and even promote physical healing.


The Process of a Deep Trance Session:

1. **Intake Conversation:**
   The session begins with a calm and confidential conversation, where you share your intentions and questions with me. We discuss your life and take the time to identify the common thread in your inquiries.

2. **Induction:**
   You are gradually brought into a deep trance. This transition usually takes 20-30 minutes, during which you slowly descend into a state of inner silence and openness.

3. **Regression and Subconscious:**
   I guide you through the mystical landscapes of past lives and make contact with the subconscious. This phase can last several hours, allowing space for deep insights and healing. This conversation is recorded, and it is highly recommended to listen to the recording multiple times.

4. **Integration:**
   After the journey, you are lovingly brought back to the present. Time is taken to discuss and integrate the experiences into your daily life.


Benefits of Deep Trance

- **Emotional Healing:**
  Insights from past lives can help release old traumas and emotional blockages, creating space for inner peace.
- **Physical Healing:**
  The subconscious can mobilize healing energies to alleviate physical ailments and conditions.
- **Life Insight:**
  You often receive profound revelations about your life mission and relationships, leading to a sense of fulfilment and direction.


Important to Know

Not everyone responds the same way to deep trance, and results may vary. Deep trance offers a unique opportunity for healing and self-discovery by combining deep trance and spiritual regression. It is a valuable tool for those open to exploring the deeper layers of their consciousness and spiritual journey, seeking a deeper connection with their true self and the universe. A deep trance session lasts from 4 to a maximum of 6 hours. We take our time for it.


Possible Questions for Your Deep Trance Session

During the deep trance session, you can ask a wide range of questions related to various aspects of your life and spiritual growth. These questions can help direct your session and ensure you get the insights and answers you need. Up to 10-15 questions can be discussed before the trance.

### Personal Life Questions

1. What is my life purpose?
2. What is my mission in this life?
3. What talents and skills should I develop?
4. How can I overcome my current challenges?
5. What can I do to improve my health?
6. Why do I have certain physical or emotional issues?
7. What should I know about my current relationships?
8. How can I raise my frequency and that of the Earth?
9. I deeply wish to get married. Where will I find my prince charming?
10. I am trying to become a mother. Can you advise me or help me resolve physical blockages?
11. Is there healing needed in my family system?
12. I feel lonely but don't know what to do about it.
13. I struggle in groups and don't know how to connect.
14. I'm scared to speak in public or take the stage. Help!
15. I'm considering moving/working/traveling abroad. Is this a good idea?

### Spiritual Questions

1. Have I had past lives? If so, what are the key lives I need to know about?
2. What is the reason for my certain fears or phobias?
3. Who are my spiritual guides, and how can I communicate with them?
4. What is my connection with certain people in my life on a soul level?
5. What karmic lessons must I learn in this life?
6. I had a spiritual experience I can't explain. Can you help me understand what happened?
7. Can you help sharpen my senses, such as clairvoyance?
8. Are there curses or other dark elements in my ancestral lines? Can you help cleanse them?
9. Are there soul contracts, karmic marriages, or cords that need to be released or dissolved?
10. Am I a starseed? Where do I come from, and what is my purpose here?
11. Do I have imprints that should be released or new ones that I need?
12. I am on the path of unity. What is my next step?
13. I am on the path of prana. Can you advise me on this?
14. What are my spiritual development points?
15. I am an HSP and feel overwhelmed by noise and impressions. How can I manage this better?

### Work and Career

1. What is the best career for me?
2. How can I find more success and fulfillment in my work?
3. What should I do to become more financially stable?
4. What steps should I take to realize my dream project?
5. Can you tell me more about my business and its spirit? Are we on the right course?
6. I deeply wish to start my own practice/business. Is this my path?
7. Is it time to change jobs, retire, or start studying?
8. Should I end my collaboration with...?

### Health and Wellbeing

1. What causes my current health problems, and how can I heal them?
2. What lifestyle changes should I make for better health?
3. What are the emotional causes of my physical complaints?
4. Can you heal my physical and emotional discomforts?
5. I don't feel comfortable in my body. I have...(complaint). Can you help me with this?
6. Do you have a specific illness? Describe your physical/emotional complaints so we can ask for healing.
7. I have terrible nightmares and sleep poorly. Can you change this?
8. Why is my energy so low? Can it be increased?
9. Help, my libido is gone, and I feel like a nun/monk. Can this be improved?
10. I have difficulty with sexuality. Where does this come from, and can it change?
11. My life has been on hold for years; it feels dull and boring. How do I regain my passion?

### Relationships

1. What is the spiritual meaning of my relationship with [name]?
2. How can I improve my relationship with [name]?
3. What should I learn from my current relationship(s)?
4. As a child, I experienced poor attachment. Can you help heal this within me?

### Life Events

1. What is the cause of a specific life event that I find difficult to understand?
2. What should I know about my childhood and how it affects my current life?
3. Why do I have certain patterns in my life, and how can I break them?
4. I suffer from addictions. Where do they come from, and how do I overcome them?
5. I always feel lack. Can you help me with abundance, wealth, and effortlessness?

### Emotional Issues

1. I suffer from attachment or abandonment anxiety. How do I overcome it?
2. I have low self-esteem. What now?
3. I struggle with setting boundaries. Can you help me with this?
4. I have deep inner anger/fear/sadness/disgust. How can I deal with it?
5. I have experienced deep trauma in my life. Can you help release me from it?
6. I have been depressed for years or lack the will to live. Can you bring me joy?
7. I struggle to stay grounded or tend to dissociate. Can this change?
8. I have an overactive inner protector. How do I calm it down?
9. How do I move from my head to my heart?
10. I want to connect with my inner children. How do I do that?
11. I still have pain and sadness regarding my relationship with my father or mother.
12. I lack trust and often have fearful thoughts that things will never get better. How do I change this?
13. I have no purpose in life; I feel indifferent. Do you have a suggestion?
14. I fear failure and strive for perfection. How can this be gentler?
15. I wish to enjoy life fully and shamelessly. How do I achieve that?
16. What else do I need to resolve within myself?
17. I struggle with letting go. Can you help me with this?

During this session, we use Dolores Cannon's script.