Hilde works with shaman mirrors during her readings. For centuries they have been seen as rare and valuable objects and have been handed down from generation to generation. These objects come from Asia and Siberia, among others. They were used for graves, for protection, they were attached to shaman suits, to make contact with the elements or the shamans used the mirrors for energetic connection. The mirrors were made by the shaman and did his ritual while extinguishing the mirror to connect the object with the spirit.

 What do these magic power objects do? According to the old shamans they are spirited. They work like pit bulls; they bite tight and don't let go. They scan the person who wants healing, protect them, they can absorb energy, add or remove energy, they are used to remove curses and entities, they ground, hunt, clean, frequencies are changed, transformation takes place, they can help in soul retrieval or power extraction, heal, help with prayers, wishes and goals.

Hilde works with the mirrors as teachers, as spirits of a group of wise shamans with whom she may work. The objects are treated with respect as if they were elders. If she opens herself with respect, knowledge is infinite. At the shaman mirror, Hilde surrenders to the spirit (the helper) of the mirror and follows the object.