During a multidimensional healing, a high frequency is generated. Hilde raises her vibration, the energy of the space and of the client. Use is made of the power objects in space, the intermediate spheres and what is needed at that moment.

Hilde uses Lamina's, shaman mirrors, light healing, light healing codes, ethereal healing, stones, feathers, rattles, drums, spirit helpers, the dream world, light beings, guides, angels, extraterrestrials and everything necessary to help you.

During the session you may feel a lot, get cold or become very tired. You may yawn, burp a lot or want to urinate. It's all part of it. You may also feel sensations before and after the session. Hilde stays at a distance to see you clearly. Hilde reads with her hands. There is no physical touching.

During a 1 on 1 healing session, the various light bodies, chakras and the soul are included. A healing can be done remotely or live in The Hague. There is often silence during a healing session. Occasionally words or sentences come through.

Why multidimensional?

Hilde can see beyond a number of universes with her clear senses.

Some problems have their origins in dimensions, previous lives or other spheres. Hilde reads other dimensions, intermediate spheres, past lives and other universes.

She looks at curses that have come along, banishments, darkness and other things that have entered the system through ancestors that can still bother you physically, mentally or emotionally. A Healing is then more than welcome.

Healing occurs in every session that Hilde gives. If you want to go more in depth and work on a problem, book a separate healing session.

By invitation, Hilde also heals areas, buildings, pieces of earth, magnetic fields, places of power on the earth and large groups of people and souls. Both on site and remotely.

What happens during such a session, or several sessions in a row? Blockages are sought and healing follows so that there can be more flow. Soul parts are released, energy channels are straightened or rerouted, disruptions may take place, and vibration frequencies may be increased.

Hilde gives both 1 on 1 healing sessions and group sessions. She is invited for this (minimum 6 people). During a group session, a client comes forward to receive healing. The group resonates with this healing. In this way, undiscovered pieces are healed for all participants. Hilde works with large groups of helpers, healing fields, intermediate spheres and other dimensions to carry out her work.

It is possible to reserve a depth healing. This lasts 30 minutes and can be done online or live. When you book a reading session, you automatically receive a healing. This lasts 60 minutes. Do you want a healing of, for example, a house or place? Please email us and we will look at the options together. Travel costs will then be charged. Hilde@heelde.org or book here.