Where there is light, there is darkness, the non-light.

From childhood, Hilde sees creatures from the dark. Astral places, entities, dead people, low vibrational frequencies that have been transmitted from generation to generation for centuries, energies that have stood still in time, soul parts that have been hidden, karmic entanglements, atmospheres that are uncomfortable, ley lines that disrupted, aggressive energies, nightmare horrors, curses, ghosts and other murmur. There is always some laughter when we talk about these low frequencies. But what if it is bullying you?


There are quite a few symptoms that indicate 'darkness';

Little energy, difficulty in relaxing and ultimately difficulty in effort, the feeling as if you are walking with your feet through the syrup, not coming forward, coming forward temporarily and still falling back again, not really being able to build your life, but feeling that your soul is moving forward will not be able to take steps, wake up tired and restless sleep, indecision,  desire to know but cannot feel it and certainly not able to manifest, cannot close, search but cannot find, the feeling of lack , inexplicable fears and Hilde can go on and on.

The above sounds rather hocus pocus but Hilde looks at it with a sober eye. We live in duality; where there is light is dark. Do you suffer from it? Do something about it! Of course you feel resistance to take a step, but with Hilde you are at the right, safe, address.

What is possible?
Tilt family and karmic curses
Cut through karmic marriage connections
Channeling the deceased, entities and other scum, atmospheres, buildings, areas

Purification on a distance

In general, an appointment is first made for a reading. You come with your complaints and a plan is made. She also refers to or collaborates with colleagues. During the reading, curses can be tilted, soul parts can be retrieved, healing can take place, she will channel and purified from a distance. Hilde also gets to know what the next steps are.

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