Are you high sensitive and do you want to work more with your open senses? Or do you know that you have healing capacities and do you want to learn more and develop self-confidence? Do you know that you are also a channel/transmedium and do you want more tools, more practice with colleagues and work in small groups? Are you a therapist and would you like to learn more about spirituality? Have you heard the call of the dark but have no idea how to deal with this? Are you very aware and do you want to deepen the now, the non-duality and play with energy? Are you bumping into something in your field and do you want a spiritual deepening? Do you wonder what it is like to get to know the chakras, clairvoyance, spirituality, kundalini, shamanism, energy frequencies, from the 3rd to the 5th dimension?

Do you have no idea how you can close yourself, how you can end up in your inner space, how you can clean your space and yourself, how you keep the darkness outside the door and how you stay balanced? Then come and follow a workshop with Hilde.

Hilde works with small groups in a pleasant atmosphere. Send her a message with what you want to learn, where you get stuck or where you look for depth. She puts you on the list and searches for participants that match your question. The planned events your can find on Facebook and on this website.

It is also possible to request an online workshop. Hilde works with Zoom so that several people can participate at the same time.

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Photo: Alima Ruf en Jessica van Twuiver